Welcome to Asun Herce Golden Retrievers.

We bred British Golden Retrievers with dedication and enthusiasm in Europe since 2007, and now... we have moved to Phoenix, AZ!

A few years ago I ran this race almost by chance, and thus Rumba came into my life, my first Golden. Since then, share my day with my dogs has become my biggest hobby, and also through the efforts and all the people I've met in this particular world, I am slowly getting to know this wonderful breed in depth, improving with each cross breeding and selection of each litter.

Our dogs live at home with other animals and in complete freedom, sharing every moment with us and being a full family member. Our only goal is to improve the breed, keep their typicality and beauty and most importantly, the health and character.

They all are certificated to guarantee their own health and thus the low (but not zero), hereditary likelihood of transmitting diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and other eye defects.

We invite you to meet us, and share this passion for the Golden Retriever.

Thanks for visiting us.


Asun Herce     +1(480)319-4654

Chandler - Phoenix (AZ)


Member of the  Golden Retriever Club of Spain (Europe)